What is the best way to shave armpits?

How to shave armpits correctly

If you don't have time to wax, you will often shave underarm hair, right? Well, but have you shaved it properly ... ??

Make sure to read first by reading the 5 ways to shave the armpit right below!

Before shaving, clean the armpit first by using soap and warm water. This method is to remove remnants of deodorant and other impurities.

Then, continue by applying a special shaving gel for the armpit. This not only makes it easier for you to shave, but also reduces the risk of abrasions.

How do you shave your underarms

Raise your armpit with your hands wrapped around your head and touch your ears on the opposite side. This position will attract the armpit surface better so that it makes it easier for you to shave it.

The blade movement shaves in the direction of hair growth.

Make sure you do the shaving from top to bottom. Then, do it from every side. This is because underarm hair grows in a position that is not one direction.

Apply moisturizer after shaving.

To reduce the risk of irritation due to razor friction, don't forget to apply moisturizer in the armpit and avoid using deodorant within 24 hours.

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