What are black dots on skin face?

Black spots or ephelis are flat spots on the skin of the face that are formed due to increased melanin or natural skin pigments. Black spots can also appear on other body parts, such as the arms, chest, or neck. These spots tend to be easily seen and easily appear in people with white skin. Black spots are a common condition at all ages and usually do not harm or cause pain.

Naturally, faces are parts that are generally open and become one of the parts that are often seen first. So that you are not affected by problems Black spots, let us know the following causes.

Ultraviolet light

 ultraviolet light‌  exposure is an external cause that causes black spots to even health problems such as skin cancer. You must use a sunscreen to minimize exposure to these harmful rays.

❤ Changes in hormones

Changes in the hormones Estrogen, progesterone, and MSH also have an impact on the appearance of black spots. Usually this hormonal change is triggered by the use of contraceptive pills to the food intake we consume.

❤ Chemical drugs

Various chemical drugs can also trigger black spots on your face. The toxin content of the drug can indeed kill the bacteria that cause us to suffer, but sometimes the content of the drug has an effect on excessive skin priming which causes black spots.

❤ Cosmetics

Excessive use of cosmetics or unfriendly ingredients for the skin can also cause black spots to appear on your face. From now on, be wise in choosing cosmetics, look for cosmetics that are more friendly to the skin.

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