What is snail cream, what is it good for?

The benefits of snail slime for beauty have actually been known for a long time by ancient Greeks. Hippocrates, a respected Greek physicist at that time often used crushed slugs and mixed with sour milk as an antidote to inflammatory skin. Then, thanks to Chilean farmers, snail slime became popular again. The farmer is sure that his hands are soft because they often touch snail slime.

Although it's ridiculous, but after being processed into skincare, the benefits are enormous. Snail extract can stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin in the base layer of our skin. For those of you who have dry skin problems and need extra nutrition, facial care with snail extract can be the answer. Another uniqueness that is important for you to know is that in addition to moisturizing, it can also help disguise black spots on the face.

Wait for the launching of Snail Cream Drw Skincare by Dr. Wahyu Triasmara and feel the benefits, beautiful, dear …… 😍😘

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