How and Why a Massage will make your Skin Glow

How and Why a Massage will make your Skin Glow

Having a leg or back massage makes one feel great and relaxed. But have you ever tried a facial massage? Did you know facial massage is the most effective way to relax facial muscles while at the same time promoting healthy skin? This can be achieved through different techniques, such as face rollers combined with relevant lotions. The idea behind this is to stimulate pressure points on the shoulder, neck, and face, which are in charge of maintaining healthy skin. Depending on the  Massage Therapist   you choose to work with, facial massage may take different directions.

Here are several techniques that your  Massage Therapist   may use to achieve various effects and feelings.


This technique is aimed at improving blood circulation while at the same time stimulating the nervous system. Working on pressure points boosts the energy needed for healthy skin. Pressing well-targeted points on the skin not only stimulates the facial glands but the whole nervous system.


Another type of massage that will become your skin's best friend is Shiatsu. It is a Japanese bodywork system based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. This type of massage is an impact on biologically active points of the body in order to relieve pain, relieve stress, help in the treatment and prevention of various pathologies.

Here fingers are in charge. Pressure points are slowly massaged, thus relieving tension and stress. The techniques originated from Japan and can be sued to relax the whole body.


Having dead skin can make you look dull and may even lower your self-esteem. Remedial facial massage is a great way to glow your skin. Beyond removing the dead cells, the technique is known to settle and repair the damaged skin cells.


If your skin cannot release fluids effectively, you can be sure of unhealthy skin. Lymphatic massage is aimed at releasing fluids while at the same time improving blood flow. Releasing toxins is another significant benefit of facial massage. Toxins can damage your skin if not well managed.

Benefits of facial massage

1. Reduce Premature Skin Aging

The look of your skin heavily determines your appearance. A healthy look depends on how good the blood flow within your skin. Facial massage is a great way to improve blood while at the same time reducing water retention. You can have a massage from a  Massage Therapist   or have it at home using simple tools such as a spoon. Spoon massage is very common in Korea, Japan, and China, and if done correctly, results are noticed within two weeks.

2. Relieve Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure is a widespread condition caused by blocked sinus drainage. It can be caused by allergies, common cold, or even exposing your skin to the harsh environment. Some of the symptoms that come with this condition include inflammation and swellings. Facial massage is the best way to relieve this pressure since it helps in opening the nasal passages. Sinus pressure can cause other severe conditions such as headaches and discomfort. If you suspect this condition, you should take action immediately.

3. Prevention of Acne

Acnes can become very serious, especially if the right measures are not put in place to prevent new breakouts. One of the best ways to avoid further breakouts is a facial massage to improve blood circulation. The use of olive oil, in combination, can even do a better job. Olive oil can sometimes react differently to some people, and therefore it is advised you try with a smaller area first. Always seek help from a massage specialist, especially when handling sensitive Areas. Harsh motions can cause more harm, and therefore you should always go slow when having a facial massage.

4. A way of treating Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

TMD can cause all forms of discomfort from lockjaw, headache, or even earache. Massaging the trigger point is a cool way to treat the tight jaw muscles, which may cause some inflammation. Discomfort is mainly noticed after teeth grinding or due to chewing. A combination of facial massage and jaw exercise is the best treatment for this condition.

5. Improve Skin Blood Flow

Every cell on your skin needs some nutrients for a healthy look. The blood transports all those nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. An improvement in blood circulation means an improvement in skin appearance. Blood flow can be improved using massage rollers on the skin for at least 5 minutes every day.

6. Treatment for Scar Tissue 

How you manage a scar, especially in the healing process, is crucial. Keeping the surroundings area loose facilitates the flow of blood, which helps in the healing process. The appearance of the area after healing is also determined by how the healing process was managed. If the bumps are well flattened, the area heals naturally, and sometimes it’s difficult even to notice the scar. All this can be done with the help of facial massage while at the same time reducing pain and itchiness.

Facial Massage at Home

It’s now clear facial massage has many benefits on your skin. But is it affordable? Well, the charges are very similar to other forms of massage but of course you can choose to go for luxurious spas. But what if you don’t have time to visit a massage therapist? At this point understanding self-massage which can be done at home is very important.

Here is the procedure for a home based facial massage

1. Clean your Face

Your face skin is usually very soft and sensitive. This means we should ensure maximum hygiene before handling it. Start by cleaning your hands and then cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. Dry your face with a clean and soft towel.  

2. Apply a few drops of facial oil onto your face.

Facial oil leaves your skin glowing and ready for massage. Always be careful when choosing the right oil for your skin. Some oils may clog your skin pores, which may be another cause of acne.

3. Begin by massaging the side of your neck (lymph area) 

Toxins tend to build up in lymph Areas. This is because the toxins from your face are drained to this area. By massaging this area first, you release toxins, meaning you can start feeling a difference almost immediately. Use your fingertips to massage your lymph nodes and do it in a circular motion to enhance pressure's uniform distribution.

4. Massage along the jaws

Immediately you are done with the lymph area; you should move up to the side jaws or side face. Push your skin up to prevent possible sagging and out to make it more flexible. Remember your nose skin as well as mouth corners.

5. Massage your forehead. 

Start the circular motion from the side of your forehead and move towards the middle. All this should be done at a slow motion. Repeat the movement for at least one minute.

6. Massage your eye area.

Massage your eyes surrounding gently with minimal pressure. Remember, the eyes are sensitive. Move your fingers under your eyes with your thumb pressing the corners of your eyes. 

The take-home

Facial massage is fantastic way to keep your skin rejuvenated. Depending on how your skin responds to different techniques from both self-massage and that of a profession, you should make new discoveries every day. How well you understand your skin behavior will determine how well facial massage works for you.

Understand the products that work well for your skin, and you will be sure to have glowing skin for a long time.

Massage Nearby Rapid City, SD Plus - Graceful Touch Massage Therapy
Massage Nearby Rapid City, SD Plus - Graceful Touch Massage Therapy

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