Cleanliness and condition of your skin

Cleanliness is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

It is amazing how we can create problems for our skin without ever knowing the causes.

Many people do not realize how many times a day they touch their face with their hands.

If our hands were totally clean throughout the day, it would not be a problem but that is not reasonable.

We touch everything from shopping trolleys to car ruffles that are never cleaned.

We touch objects in the office or at the workplace that are not cleaned from one month to the next.

All the germs that we catch on our hands throughout the day are transferred to our face every time we touch it and from there, they enter the pores of our skin and cause irritation, blackheads and skin problems. similar skin.

Sometimes even the cleaning products we use on our face can cause problems, especially to people with sensitive skin, where many products are too aggressive.

Your skin should always be treated with care and handled with care, as constant demands imply irreversible changes with age.

With the face, where the skin is the most sensitive on most people, you need to take extra precautions, which may involve making simple changes that can have a dramatic effect over the life course.

Just by tapping your skin to dry it, rather than rubbing it, a towel can reduce stretching, wrinkling and more when the combined actions of this operation add up over several years.

If you notice rashes on either side of your face, you should consider the cause of this problem.

Do you rely on your hand at work?

Do you answer the phone on this side all the time?

When answering these questions, you can simply find the cause of your problem. It can be as simple as having a dirty phone or a dirty hand that you always lean on.

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