False tans

False tans

For a great way to maintain a "healthy" tanned look without the damage that can be expected from sun exposure, you should consider using counterfeit tanning products.

These products have evolved considerably since the days when a person wearing a fake tan could be seen miles away, looking like a carrot with orange skin.

There are two important areas to consider when using artificial tanning.

The first is to choose a color that is no more than two shades darker than your natural color.

If you prefer to look like George Hamilton, you'll feel like you're cooking under the sun for most of your life.

The tan should look natural and if it's too dark, it's obvious that you're wearing a fake tan.

With many products, you will need several applications. In this case, you should always wait for the tan to dry between applications before deciding to apply another coat.

Often, the tan dries slightly darker than expected, so an extra layer may not be necessary.

The application of tanning products is another area in which you must pay attention.

The skin must be clean before applying tanning products and care must be taken to ensure that it is applied evenly to remain streak free.

Top quality tanning products will generally be much easier to apply and there will be less risk of unsightly streaks after application.

Artificial tanners allow you to wear foundations and powders that are slightly tinted or transparent.

You can also wear a slightly tinted moisturizer that will enhance the natural look of artificial tanning.

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