Hyperpigmentation is a skin problem that affects a lot of people and is one of the most common skin problems that people want to treat.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin has pigmentary changes, as is the case when freckles on the face and spots on other parts of the body are more likely to appear on the hands and chest.

Hyperpigmentation has two main causes, the most obvious being overexposure and subsequent damage caused by the sun.

The face, hands and often the upper parts of the chest are usually the areas of the skin most exposed to the sun. This is why you will experience hyperpigmentation more often in these places than in other parts of the body.

Even the sun that passes through the windshield of the car you drive may be enough to cause these changes in the skin pigment.

Another main cause of hyperpigmentation is due to hormonal changes in the body.

Pregnancy and the birth control pill are the main causes of these hormonal changes in women.

Many people mistakenly believe that melasma, which is the pigmentation caused by the sun, is simply a stain of old age.

Some skin whitening agents can help reduce the impact of these spots, but like most things related to the condition of your skin, covering up in the sun is the best way to prevent these spots from developing. .

If you have hyperpigmentation, exposure to the sun will only aggravate the situation.

Although the hyperpigmentation resulting from hormonal changes is much more difficult to treat than that caused by the sun, over time, with the correct use of quality skin whitening products, the spots may fade significantly. .

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