Winter care for your skin

Just as the sun can wreak havoc on your skin in the summer, winter is also a time when extra care is needed to protect your skin from the extreme weather conditions to which it will be exposed.

During the winter, we are often in air-conditioned or heated rooms, then we leave in the cold hoping that our skin will be able to cope with the environment.

It is a time when the lips become chapped, the skin becomes raw and many people have skin that turns red and itchy.

The protection of the skin in winter is extremely important.

Although the sun is generally not so harsh in winter, it is still possible to have sun damage during this period.

Even if you live in areas where there is snow, you can get a lot of light reflected from the snow, which can cause damage to your skin.

With this in mind, you should wear a base with any SPF protection factor to avoid damage.

The base is very important during the winter months because it is your protection against bad weather.

During the winter months, many people find that their skin becomes much drier because of the heat and humidity they feel inside.

Exfoliation will help remove dead cells and allow the skin to breathe and regenerate.

In extreme conditions, you may find that it will be essential to wrap clothing around the face while going outside as this is a time when sensitive capillaries can break.

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