Creators of handbags

Creators of handbags

The popularity of designer handbags is at its highest level. Wherever we look, from the main street to the discotheque, everyone is wearing a new fashion bag. It seems that we are often so concerned about our new handbags that we tend to forget the people behind the drawings. I started trying to create a list of my favorite creators, but I realized that I loved the work that I could not list. The following are just a few of my favorites.

Chloé is by far one of the biggest design houses in the world. I love their work! Sometimes I have the feeling that some of the French designers are a little exaggerated ... but where would be the real fashion without their sense of creativity and innovation. Chloe is a leader in the fashion world, especially since Stella McCartney took the helm. His star power and his understanding of classic design revitalized a company that often lacked the consistent aesthetic that truly unites a collection. Make no mistake ... Chloe is the new Gucci!

Vivienne Westwood did more for British design than any other modern day designer. In many ways, the entire punk genre owes him a debt of allegiance. Vivienne was just a girl at the height of punk when she met a guy named Malcolm McLaren. For those of you who are unfamiliar with your punk rock story, Malcolm was the manager of the consummate British punk band - The Sex Pistols. After dressing the Pistols for several years, she opened her own boutique in London, Sex Boutique. Punks around the world have adopted its aesthetic, and the rest is history.

Monica Botkier is yet another brilliant designer. Her creations are highly appreciated by women all over the world. After starting her career as a fashion photographer, Monica Botkier has certainly spent enough time in the world of fashion to know what constitutes a quality handbag. She is able to find the perfect balance between function and form, and her creations are among the most sought after by fashionistas around the world. Monica Botkier's designs are famous for their details, materials and innate sophistication.

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