Top 3 reasons why wool is back in style

Top 3 reasons why wool is back in style

Let me tell you a little secret. The wool is back (in fact, it's never really gone, as you'll see below). Wool has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is still an important sector in many countries (Australia and New Zealand, for example), and is used in sweaters, socks and fabrics in general. People have been wearing wool for style and warmth for generations. wool has returned in style in recent years and shows no signs of decline. Let's take a look at the top three reasons why wool is always so cool.

1) retro. Back in the 80s, everyone was in the look of wool. L.L. Bean's preppy padded style was "in" and any fan of 80's teen movies knows it was the decade of the wool sweater. All these college films seemed to force their characters to wear wool as a mandatory outfit.

2) Movie stars. You may have noticed that some of your favorite celebrities wore wool on their recent photos. Just like the trucker hat phenomenon of a few years ago, woolen sweaters have become cool again (they are part of the "in the crowd") and you can see the makers who wear them wearing them. Movie stars and celebrities in general often pitch trends that the rest of the population imitates. When it's hot with the stars, it quickly gets hot with the rest of the country (and often the world). Wool is no exception.

3) He never really left. For a certain group of the population, especially skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, wool is a simple necessity of life. Wool socks can keep the coldest skiers warm from icy cold temperatures. Most of us do not think about it, because more than half of us live in towns and cities in the south and south-west have become huge centers of population. After all, do most of us really want to live in the cold of the year? Judging by demographic and demographic changes, the answer is clearly no.

The wool intends to stay. Learn all about wool and how to make a good deal on your next wool purchase, whatever it is.

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