What Is The McDonald's Lumberjack Burger?

What Is The McDonald's Lumberjack Burger?

There are interesting stories online about an impressive Mcdonald's burger worthy of Lumberjacks and those with a hearty appetite. Some believe it is a myth because it has never appeared in their local outlet, while others insist they have eaten it. So what is the Lumberjack Burger McDonalds is hiding from us?

What Is A Lumberjack Burger (or DRWALA burger)?

This burger is a mountain of food compared to something like the Big Mac or your average Cheeseburger. It all starts with the different layers. The bun is filled from bottom to top with bacon, breaded cheese, and a thick beef patty. You then get the salad and special sauce on top. The final flourish comes from the roasted onion and the crispy cheese and bacon scattered over and melted into the bun. There really isn’t anything else like it on the menu.

There Are McDonald’s LumberJack Variations Too.

The original Lumberjack sandwich McDonalds offers is pretty tasty for those that love the traditional beef patty. However, there are some alternative options to suit other tastes. Patrons can also try the following.

The Lumberjack Double Burger.

Just in case the standard burger wasn’t filling enough, those with large appetites can also get a second patty in their bun. It is a little harder to get your mouth around though.

The Lumberjack burger with Chicken.

As the name suggests. This one swaps out the red meat of beef for a leaner chicken burger. You still get all the same extras like the breaded cheese, bacon, sauce, and crispy bits.

The Vegan Lumberjack burger.

Vegans don’t have to miss out entirely here. There is a plant-based burger with vegan cheese, salad, and sauce. The downside here is that they didn’t think to include a rasher of vegan bacon for the full experience.

The Lumberjack burger with Potato Pancake.

Maybe it isn’t extra meat you are after but rather some extra carbs. This version adds a potato pancake to add a different texture and fullness to the burger.

The Lumberjack burger with Cranberry.

Alternatively, you could add a bold flavor through cranberry sauce. Bacon and cranberry is a staple combo of the winter season, so why not have it in this burger with the beef and cheese.

Delicious But Limited.

There is a major downside for anyone wanting to try this Lumberjack burger McDonalds sandwich having seen all those ingredients and variations. This is a limited-edition burger in more ways than one. For a start, you can only get this on the Polish Hamburglar menu. Secondly, it is a winter specialty. This is something that Polish fast-food fans can look forward to each year to provide more than a few more calories to stay warm and energized. It is comfort food to the extreme.

So, the only way to truly appreciate this Lumberjack Burger McDonalds Poland specialized in is to visit the country itself – and to do so in winter. If you do, you can see why it is such a beloved seasonal treat. Until then, you can only dream.

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