Tips, ideas and tips for renovating attics and attics

Tips, ideas and tips for renovating attics and attics

Loft refers to the highest part of the floor or can also be called as the attic of a building. This is because this room is directly under the roof. Lofts are usually commercial establishments converted into residential buildings. They therefore have a large space and large windows. Renovation of attics and attics can easily be accomplished with proper planning and appropriate budget.

Attic and loft conversions

By converting this part of the building into something useful and functional, you must first have the proper documentation to prove that you own it. Consult your local government to determine the required permit, allowing six to nine weeks for authorization before you can start construction. Your local councils also have a say on these issues. You must therefore call in an expert to measure the property and make sure that you are free to make the planned changes.

Size issues

With the help of an expert to measure the surface, you would have an idea of ​​what can be done instead, if you still need to enlarge your roof and other structures before you can do any remodeling.

What can be done?

When converting lofts, two of the popular forms that are used nowadays are the skylight and Velux.

Velux is actually the name of the window used in this type conversion. It maximizes the available space of the attic and there is no need to have an external modification.

When creating this type, the first step is to insulate the roof, after which the Velux windows are installed and the reinforcements made on the ground. This is easier to do than the second type of loft conversion and it also costs less.

The other form of this type of modification is called sleep conversion. This is much more difficult to achieve because it requires the extension of the roof with vertical protuberances. This will increase the available space and allow you to build typical room types.

This type is more difficult to achieve and will require you to pay more money for the project. But with the vast space to create, you will have more choices as to the use of the pieces.


The converted lofts are an ideal place for parties due to the space. You can do a lot with such rooms, and that adds to the appeal of your property. If you are thinking of selling the house later, this is definitely an addition.

As with any modification, make sure the area is properly ventilated. It is also advisable to provide a source of natural light. Security exits must also be planned in advance, as this would also be a factor when you get your building permit.

The renovation of attics and attics is currently being done in many places. Conversions are underway in this part of the house that was not used so much in the past.

Thanks to the designers of houses who paved the way for such renovations, attics will no longer be associated with cobwebs and darkness as they were in the past. But instead, this innovation would surely set a fashionable label in this part of the home.

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