Basic replacement of the faucet

Replacing the faucet is a very easy task that anyone can do. This is one of those household repairs that does not really need professional help. Here are the basics you should know about faucet replacement.

Be prepared and choose your faucet

Before leaving with the proper replacement procedures, you must be ready and have with you the tap that you want to use to replace your old one. You can go to your local hardware store and choose the tap of your choice. Having this document in hand before removing the old one would make things easier and faster for you.

With the many modern models currently available on the market, you have the choice between different models of faucets. For your bathtubs and sinks, you can get a faucet with one or two handles. Generally, faucets have a standard size for their fittings, depending on their use. For kitchen faucets, you can usually find units with an 8-inch connection. Bathroom vanity faucets are typically 4 inches, while bathtubs are 8 inches.

Faucet measurements

In order to know what type of faucet to get from the store, you must first make some measurements. Have your measuring tape in hand for this task. If you use a two-handle faucet, simply measure the measurements from the center of the handles to another one; it's about the size of your faucet. If you use a single handle faucet, you will need to measure from the distance between your water supply lines placed at the bottom of your faucet.

Once you know the style and size of your faucet, you must already take out the old one and install your new unit.

The tools you need

Basically, you do not need a lot of tools for this task. All you need are keys to hold the shut-off valve and disconnect the supply pipe that goes to the faucet. In addition, you would need a channel lock pliers or sink wrench.

You will use this outlet for the large nuts, which attaches the faucet to your sink. It would be better if you used a sink wrench, because of its special design, designed to work in tight spaces, as if your faucet was mounted on your sink.

Steps to a new faucet

First, you must cut off any water source connected to your faucet. Then you have to remove the supply lines coming from both sides of your faucet.

After that, you should remove the large retaining nuts that hold your faucet to the sink. When finished, remove the old faucet from the sink.

Try to clean your sink and the location of the old unit.

Once you have finished cleaning, get your new unit and place it in the holes. You can ask someone to help you, so it is easier to keep it centered when installing the retainer nuts below.

When the valve is in place and the mounting nuts are securely tightened, you can now reconnect your water supply lines. Turn on your water supply and test for leaks and other defects.

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