Find a reliable contractor

Find a reliable contractor

Home repairs, renovations and kitchen improvements are processes you may not know before it's time to tackle a project in your home. At some point, all homeowners will have to do some type of work. Finding the right contractor to renovate your kitchen can be stressful, demanding and sometimes very expensive.

home improvement fraud is one of the top five complaints filed with the Attorney General's office year after year. Just being informed can protect you, or protect people you know, from being cheated by a contractor. Asking the right questions to the entrepreneur gives you a priceless mind.

There is a lot to learn about the products to use and the procedures that best meet your needs. Because of this lack of knowledge, homeowners who are easy to pass for home improvement contractors can easily take advantage of homeowners. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to know that you can rely on the contractor you have chosen to give you good advice on products and procedures that may be new to you. Being able to trust your contractor with your vision may not always be easy. The key is to find the right contractor for your renovation from the start. Determining the reliability, reputation and experience of the contractor may take some time, but will be well spent!

Hiring a contractor without a license is not recommended. When your offer falls under the others for your renovation, you are delighted, but when the job is done, you discover mediocre materials and a lousy job. Then, of course, the entrepreneur can not be found and you discover why: without a license. You also discover that you can be considered reliable for workplace accidents or insurance. Failure to comply with city or county codes and resolution of problems is your responsibility when you are not dealing with a licensed contractor. You can even be held for his illegal actions. Hiring an unlicensed entrepreneur is a risky business to say the least.

Licensed contractors are, however, subject to laws designed to protect you and your investment from broken promises and careless constructions.

In general, most entrepreneurs are competent, honest, hardworking, financially responsible and dismissed. First, keep all your plans with specific details for the contractor that will allow him to cost the work and the costs. Always go around and get at least three offers from approved contractors. Ask to see the contractor's license and make sure the license number is indicated on the bids. Check their status with the state licensing office before signing the contract or allowing the work to begin.

Be sure to check the references of the contractors you obtained in writing. Call people and see if they are satisfied with the job or go out and review their work. Get everything in writing with all the changes to sign by you. Understand what you sign and make sure everything you asked for is in the contract. Do not rush to the signing of the contract, especially if you are unsure of anything about the contract.

Do frequent inspections of your project and make a final visit. Pay directly to the contractor only.

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