The practical way to finish your hardwood floor

The practical way to finish your hardwood floor

Anyone who has finished finishing his hardwood floors will tell you that it is a very tedious task. You will not apply the finish once, but you will need to apply several coats of layer before it looks satisfactory. Before that, you will have to fight with the sander, a machine that is difficult to control. What is the best way to create a well-finished hardwood floor?

Easy. Buy one that is already prefinished. If you plan to install a hardwood floor yourself, you can make the most of the ease and convenience with pre-finished planks. With prefinished hardwood floors, the task of nailing the flooring to your subfloor ends once the drilling is complete.

Prefinished floors also have a better finish than most finished floors independently. Because the application is uniform and the coating volumes are controlled and predetermined, you are sure that every prefinished hardwood floorboard is of the highest quality.

Normally, prefinished floors are sanded three times and coated with an aluminum oxide finish eight times. They are also likely to have been tested for various situations of normal wear and made more resilient. Having a hardwood floor in your home is an investment, but it is a one-time expense. This means that you do not overflow a large quantity once, because all you have to do is make sure that the floor is clean and that its finish is intact so that future generations can enjoy it. Waxing will do the trick; thus the constant cleaning.

Finally, if convenience is what you're looking for, without having to sacrifice the quality of your flooring and its appearance, opt for a prefinished parquet. But, hey, if you want to savor the feeling that you've worked yourself on your hardwood floor, buy it pure and buy the proper finish. One last tip: Water-based urethane-based finishes are more resistant to sun exposure than oil-based ones. Good finish!

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