What are the good roofing tools?

What are the good roofing tools?

There is no doubt that it is wise to hire a professional to remove, install or maintain a roof. But with a little time and knowledge, and often with the help of some friends, replacing a roof is a realistic DIY project. The key to doing it yourself rather than doing it yourself is the right roofing tools. These tools can be found at the local hardware store.

A slate cutter does exactly what its name suggests, cuts slate and shingles. It goes through most roofing materials, like a hot knife in butter. Industrial versions easily cut 1/2 "shingles. Some models have a punch to start, which also offers better control of the cutting process.

Instead of throwing the shingles on the ground, which requires a constant ride to the perilous edge, consider a ridge bucket. These buckets are designed to fit the roof so they do not slip even on a steep slope. It is safer and faster to use this bucket to remove materials.

Use a hip runner to install a cap and perfectly straight hip edges every time. Of all the roofing tools, the contractors always have them, but do it rarely.

Sewing pliers are not for sewing. They are in favor of galvanizing, especially stubborn shingles that seem to be planning to stay in place. The crimping pliers have teeth to grab the shingle without tearing it. Add a good pair of thick work gloves to protect your fingers and hands from scratches, bruises and blisters that prevent grasping and pulling raw shingles.

A slater hammer has a hammer head, as well as a small ax and a blade on the opposite side. This roofing tool can be used both to remove the old roof and to install the new roof. It is also useful as ordinary hammer and with ax and blade for other projects than roofing.

Not only will most local hardware stores sell these tools, but they will also rent larger ones, such as slate cutters. In this way, a novice on the roof can use the best quality tools rather than those that are cheaper to buy. Do not forget that knowledge is a roofing tool as important as any other. These local hardware stores are also sources of information on roofing. Between the books they carry and the available staff who can give you advice, they can prepare a person for each step of the roofing process.

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