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One of the most important things for asthma sufferers to do to limit the exposure to triggers is to simply eliminate them. High quality vacuum cleaners with the HEPA filtration system will help to remove many triggers such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and get things really clean. The Hoover self propelled Wind Tunnel Ultra is more than up to this task.

The Wind Tunnel vertical tunnel has many special features that make it easy to use. It is self-propelled, which is great because it is a bigger void. With its size, the self-propelled feature is great. You simply let the vacuum slide on the floor, sucking dirt and debris as you go.

The dirt detector built into the Hoover blower will help you remember to slow down when vacuuming. It also lets you know when they are clean, which is great for those who have the knack for going fast and missing items.

The attachments

Unlike other types of vacuum cleaners, the Wind Tunnel Ultra offers easy-to-use and truly functional accessories. To activate any of the attachments, simply lock the vacuum handle in the upright position. This will automatically disable the double agitator brushes.

The fixing pipe is a very flexible and high quality extension that requires no connection to use it. All you have to do is pull the end of the hose off the vacuum and start using it. Among the many accessories you can use are two extensions, a crevice tool, a stuffing nozzle with a rotating brush and a dusting brush.

Ability to clean

The Hoover self-propelled wind tunnel is superb on hard floors and carpets. It has a hardwood floor that will turn off the agitator brushes so that it does not return dirt as you vacuum.

It offers a lot of power for hardwood floors, picking up almost anything. Vacuuming smears and carpets is also a breeze. With built-in dust sensor and high power level, cleaning is easy. Add an integrated edge cleaner and you get a nice vacuum cleaner.

Filtration system

Many people may be completely shocked to find a vacuum cleaner in this price range that still uses bags. This is not really a bad thing, especially for those with asthma. Emptying a bagless vacuum can be very difficult for those with asthma because dust and debris can quickly end up in the air you breathe.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel uses 3M vacuum bags with full 6-step HEPA filtration to ensure that dust, pollen and other trigger elements stay in the bag and do not enter your home or the air. This vacuum cleaner also offers an easy-to-read indicator that lets you know when the bag is full.

The bottom line

The Hoover Wind Tunnel is an excellent vacuum cleaner and one of the best you can buy. It is an excellent choice to eliminate asthma triggers from your carpet and floors, as well as bedding and other furniture. It is also very easy to use and has a lot of power.

The built-in dirt detector can be very quickly the best friend of an asthmatic person. If the characteristics are not enough to make you a believer, the void is also ranked No. 1 in several magazines, which clearly proves that this vacuum is worth it.

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