Oreck XL Ultra

Oreck XL Ultra

The control of allergens at home is very important for people with allergies. For this reason, many allergy sufferers trust the Oreck XL Ultra. This hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner is used to clean encrusted dirt and allergens from carpets and hardwood floors. It removes about 99.9% of allergens, the inner bag and the outer bag working together as an excellent filtration system.

One of the best things about the XL Ultra is that it will block dirt and debris inside the disposable dust bag. The patented Saniseal system will keep it there, preventing any kind of contamination. You will never come in contact with the dust, because the Saniseal system locks dirt and dust so that it can not escape. Once the bag is filled, you just have to throw it out and put in a new one - as simple as that!

The Oreck XL Ultra's new baseplate design features larger, more robust front wheels, more side brushes and microsweep technology. These improvements will increase edge cleaning on bare floors and carpets, increase dirt removal on bare floors and also make the vacuum cleaner much easier to use on carpets and tiles.

As we all know, housework is difficult. If you want your home to stay clean, you'll need to vacuum as often as you can. The Oreck XL weighs 8 pounds, with roller brushes rotating at 6,500 rpm. You can pick up all the dirt in one pass, including animal hair, dander, pollen, dust and also dust mites. You will get superficial dirt and encrusted dirt, which will give your home a smell as good as it looks.

The XL Ultra is so good that it will lie flat under beds and furniture for easy storage.

This is one of the lightest full-size normal vacuums, with stairs being a breeze. You can easily go from carpets to bare floors, because the Oreck XL recognizes the thickness of the carpet and adjusts automatically. With bare floors, the Microsweep system will produce millions of hits per minute. He moves so quickly that he will pick up sand on bare ground.

The genius of Oreck technology has always been to take large vacuum cleaners and then reduce them to light, thin and very easy to clean machines. The Oreck XL Ultra features advanced 24-bar technology that makes it powerful, quiet and will work as long as you need it.

The XL Ultra's 24-bar motor consumes 1/3 of the electricity from another vacuum engine.

Not only will it last longer, it will pay for itself in the long run by saving energy.

When you talk about performance, the XL Ultra's suction speed equals a Category 2 hurricane, which is 10 km / h! This type of aspiration is one of the best, because very few vacuum cleaners can compete.

The roller brush with wire protector will prevent the hair and wire from getting tangled in the bearings. The roller brush features a hardwood roller that increases durability, picking up almost anything it comes in contact with.

If you have looked for a better vacuum cleaner, you can rest assured that the Oreck XL Ultra is all you need. This vacuum cleaner will meet all your needs and make your household chores easier than ever before.

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