Overcoming Challenges as a Parent

Overcoming Challenges as a Parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most demanding experiences and one that brings the most responsibilities. Moms and dads live challenges and respond to the transformations within today's social dynamics. Every parent has different challenges. This is true whether it is financial or health-related such as having a child with some type of birth injury and having to give a lot of attention and care as is the case with many parents that seek help from the  Birth Injury Justice Center.  

Being a Parent

Being a Parent is caring and protecting the child's life and health. Being a father means wanting and being able to communicate with a child. Be a bright personality, ready to share your knowledge and experience with children. To be a good father is to be, first of all, the image of a real man for his children and an ideal husband for his wife.

The child feels the mother as a part of itself, and the father is the messenger of the world. This is how the baby feels at the very beginning of life, and it will be like this in the future - mom gives love, and dad opens the way to peace. Pope is the embodiment of discipline, requirements, norms. The father's task is to emphasize and cultivate the masculine or feminine in his son or daughter.

Being parents is a whole vocation by itself, with or without any help. Single parenting is especially hard. For all parents, this is surrender to a true adventure where every day, you discover the mystery of life and of your permanent role as a human being toward another human being. You welcome your children into a world that works with a whole series of rules that regulate behavior patterns and emotions.

Striking a Balance

Parenting is a permanent balance between giving love, care, tenderness, and rules. These are the fundamental nutrients for the good  psycho-emotional development of a child.   With much patience, achievements, and frustrations, the child enters a world with rules for which we are the model of that adaptation. This is not only about transmitting norms, but also about being an example. However, parents have to be cautious. An excess of norms, of demand, often generate over-adaptive processes that end up canceling the ability to think, to be rebelliously healthy or, simply, block creativity.

Demands of Life

Immersed in a demanding lifestyle, in which the demands of work, personal challenges, home, and day-to-day tasks compromise time, men and women try to fulfill one of their most important roles: that of parenthood. The exercise of paternity implies the formation and modeling of the children's characters, being an influence and teachers. These aspects today become challenges, especially when there are situations that require more attention.

Facing the Challenges

How do you face these challenges? Parents are the ones who build a firm system of moral values ​​and are concerned with shaping and modeling the behavior of their children based on this system. Parents who want to exercise successful parenting must bear in mind that their children learn what they live. Therefore, they must worry about being the best image in the mirror for them. The influence of parents should be positive since their children will act as they do. The challenge of being a teacher involves dedicating quality time to teaching life skills, holding high expectations for the abilities your children possess, caring for their health, motivating them, and showing them confidence in the potential that each of them possesses.

The Challenge of Discipline

Another challenge of parenting today is discipline. Many times, it is thought that discipline is achieved only with physical punishment, but the truth is that the essence of discipline is in teaching to live with moral principles and under the establishment of limits. Parents just need to be firm in setting, maintaining, and enforcing limits. Positive results are achieved in the formation of children by applying a discipline based on teaching with love, rather than the use of punitive or harsh actions. If disciplined, the child develops an internal control, which through obedience will allow him to function within the family and later in society, following established rules and regulations.


By applying discipline, communication becomes another challenge for parents. Clear, direct, and open communication facilitates the development of a positive family climate. Knowing how to communicate is not only knowing how to say but also knowing how to listen. When communication is developed taking into account, listening to the other person and mutual respect, great benefits are obtained, and then parenting becomes more of a pleasure than a burden.

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