Does putting cucumber on your face help?

Does putting cucumber on your face help?

Cucumber face mask benefits

Cucumber, which is part of vegetables and is quite easy to find in this kitchen, has many facial benefits. Various facial problems ranging from mild to severe can even be completed easily using this green. Curious about what benefits can be taken with natural treatments using cucumbers?

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1. Cucumber Can Tighten Facial Pores

One of the causes of facial acne or pimples is quite large pores. If the face's pores are open then dirt enters into it, dirt can clog the pores in question. As a result pimples appear. The benefits of cucumber for acne-prone faces are quite good. How not, these large pores can be tightened easily so that new pimples can be prevented and existing pimples don't get worse.

Make sure beforehand that acne is being treated and diligently cleaned (do not be ignored so as not to get inflamed). The use of cucumber for this treatment is quite simple. First prepare clean cucumber that has been cut and finely ground, egg white, lemon juice, crushed tomatoes, and aloe gel. Mix all ingredients until fairly flat, then spread to the face with acne. Perform this treatment at least 1 time a week for the best results. Certainly our faces will recover from pimples and new zits will be difficult to come back.

2. Cucumber Can Take Care Of Sunburned Skin

Skin that has just been sunburned certainly needs something refreshing. It turns out that the benefits of cucumber for facial irritation due to sunburn are very good, how not, when the cucumber is applied to the face the cold sensation is very soothing. Not only is the sensation our irritation decreases and heals faster. The use of cucumber for irritated faces is also easy. First, prepare 1 cucumber that has been cleaned.

Thinly slice with a circle then just stick the cucumber pieces to all parts of the face that are irritated. Another way is to make cucumber masks. Cut clean cucumbers smaller, then mash slowly. Brush the cucumber mask into an irritated part of the face. Keep in mind that treatments like this should not be done for skin with open wounds.

3. Cucumber Can Reduce Oil on the Face

There are also benefits of cucumber for oily faces, namely reducing excess oil. With this cucumber treatment, we don't have to bother carrying oil paper everywhere while traveling. It does not take a while, but our consistency in doing care will bear sweet fruit. How to treat cucumber for an oily face is just as easy as the previous methods of making a mask. Apply cucumber mask to all parts of the face and multiply for the T (forehead and nose). Perform this treatment about 2 times a week for faces that can be free of oil. Apply a moisturizer made specifically for oily skin afterwards.

4. Cucumber Will Reduce Black Circles In The Eyes

For some people, dark circles in the eye are unavoidable. Can be caused by lack of rest, crying all night, and others. Don't worry, cucumbers can reduce these dark circles that look bad. Because the cucumber contains important substances such as silica and antioxidants that can rejuvenate the skin. Not only that, this substance will also make the skin feel very smooth. Thinly slice the cucumber like a circle and stick it to your eyes for about half an hour. Do this every day until dark circles under the eyes begin to fade.

5. Cucumber Can Reduce Spots Or Black Spots

For those of you who have black spots on the face due to premature aging or sunlight, there is no need to worry because it can be reduced by natural treatments. Use a cucumber that has been used as a tonic. How to make it is not too difficult, grated cucumber until smooth enough and mix with a little clean water or rose water. Apply the tonic to all parts of the face that have black spots or spots. Do this about 2 to 3 times a week for the face to look much cleaner.

Of course the various benefits of cucumber for the face are very good and worth a try. Because it uses natural ingredients, we don't need to be afraid at all when doing it because this cucumber will not cause side effects.

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