What are the lemon toner benefits for facial skin?

1. Helps brighten the face

A bright face is almost everyone's desire. a bright face is like giving positive energy that radiates every time you face another person. If you feel your face looks dull, don't worry because you can lighten your face easily using lemon. The high content of vitamin C in lemons can help lift dead skin cells on the face until the facial skin looks brighter.

2. Helps control oil on the skin

Excess oil production disturbs the beauty of one's face. More oil can cause new problems such as dull or acne. Excess oil can also make the face become like an oil refinery so it can worsen the appearance when in the photo. For those of you who have problems with the production of oil on the skin, don't worry! Lemon will help you to control oil production on your facial skin.

3. Helps eliminate blackheads

Who doesn't know blackheads? You could say, blackheads are traces of dirt or make up that clog the pores so as to make the face become rough. Who would have thought that lemons can also provide other benefits to help remove blackheads on the face.

4. Helps reduce acne on the face

Acne is the main enemy for some women. Acne not only disrupts the appearance of facial beauty, but also sometimes the pain also disturbs comfort. Acne is also a problem that is often experienced by many adolescents due to an increase in hormones and a lack of good facial care resulting in a buildup of dirt that clogs pores.

5. Helps shrink pores on the face

Large pores on the face are sometimes a problem for some women. These large pores will very easily accommodate the dirt contained in the face so that it can cause blackheads. Of course, this will greatly affect someone's appearance.

6. Helps remove dead skin cells

Every day, our skin produces millions of dead skin cells. If it is not lifted properly, dead skin cells can cause tearing of the face.

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