How long should you wear a pad?

How often the sanitary pads should be changed

Sanitary pads are circulated in the market and even become basic needs for women.

Did you know that every 4 hours the dressing must be changed? Almost all women who generally wear sanitary pads rarely change their pads every 4 hours. That's because they don't consider the meaning of health important. Because for them, spending money is considered a troublesome thing.

But, do you know the consequences if we don't replace sanitary pads 4 hours? As a result of the first, it will lead to a buildup of bacteria that will lead to cervical infection and as a result the second will cause symptoms of cervical cancer.

How long do pads last

In addition to the importance of changing pads, we must also pay attention to the pads themselves. Are the sanitary pads we use including good sanitary napkins? Maybe among us not so concerned with the quality of the pads that we use.

Here are tips to test how good the pads are. First take the cotton pad in the dressing, then put it in a glass filled with water. See the color change. If the water turns cloudy, the pads are not good and contain chlorine / bleach. After that, check whether the contents of the pads are paper or cotton. Because not all the contents of the pads contain cotton, some are made from recycled paper.

So, for those of you women, often replace sanitary pads 4 hours and pay attention to the quality of the pads you use.

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