How do you get corns and solve sore callus on foot?

Calluses are thickening and hardening of the skin due to excessive pressure and friction. Calluses or callus are formed as a reaction of the body to protect sensitive parts of the skin. It usually appears on the feet, heels, hands or fingers, which can cause discomfort and pain when walking. Generally the skin affected by calluses will be yellowish in color.

Signs of calluses on your skin are:

  • 1. There is a part of the skin that feels rough and thickened.
  • 2. Pain under the skin.
  • 3. There is a lump that hardens on the skin.
  • 4. Some skin changes to dry, soft, or split.

Some common causes of calluses are:

  • 1. Too often playing a musical instrument or using hand tools. Using hand tools, playing musical instruments, or even writing too often can cause calluses to appear.
  • 2. Using shoes that are uncomfortable. Narrow shoes or high heels can partially press the foot. Conversely, when wearing shoes too loose, the feet will more often rub against the inside of the shoe.
  • 3. Not wearing socks. Without socks, friction will immediately occur on the skin of your feet. Socks that don't fit properly can also be the cause of calluses.

The following are some of the commonly used calluses treatment methods by doctors:

  • 1. Excess skin cutting. The dermatologist will cut off part of the calluses that are thickened and hardened to reduce the pressure on the tissue under the hard skin.
  • 2. Ointment or cream. The doctor may give an ointment or cream containing salicylic acid. Be careful about the use of salicylic acid in diabetics because it can irritate the skin and trigger infection.
  • 3. Using foot care products. Calluses sufferers are encouraged to consult a dermatologist in choosing foot care products that are in accordance with foot conditions.
  • 4. Special shoe soles. If calluses sufferers have foot deformities, the doctor may give special soles to be added to the shoes so that the feet avoid friction that causes calluses.
  • 5. Operation. Even though the possibilities are very small, doctors may recommend surgery to repair physical bodily abnormalities, such as bones, to return to normal and not cause calluses.

Do you need help solving your calluses, also called corn skin, problems? Let us know in comments.

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