How to make skin less sensitive?

Facial skin is one of the most sensitive skin in our body, there are many ways to deal with facial skin, all ways are done so that the skin of his face still looks good. This is mostly done by women, not only do some women do this.

But not everyone has the same skin type, so it requires different treatments. For oily skin use cosmetics noncomedogenic while for dry skin, use nonacnegenic and do not often wash your face using soap.

Therefore, do not carelessly use all kinds of cosmetics. We must be careful to use a product, let alone the product is not clear what is contained in it. Do not let our skin become exposed to diseases caused by these products.

There are so many women who use beauty products without consulting a doctor, without knowing what content is in the beauty products that he uses, and ultimately the results do not match his wishes.

Therefore, all patients with Skincare must consult before using a cream to treat facial skin problems in order to provide the right solution for the patient's skin health 🙂

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