What are the known reason for black lips?

How to stop lips from turning black

Having black lips must make us feel less confident with appearance. We also have to choose dark colored lipsticks so that we can cover our lips, but sometimes we also want to use nude lipstick. Well, for those of us who want to be free of black lips, let's see 3 causes of black lips and how to overcome them!

1. Dry lips

Dry lips may be because our lips are less hydrated. Well, the cause of the lack of hydration of our lips is because we consume less water, like to lick lips, consume caffeine in large quantities, and smoke.

To restore lip color is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and use lip balm. In addition to the application of lip balm, we can also do a lip scrub to exfoliate dry skin and make it moist again. Automatic moist lips keep lips from blackening, girls!

2. Lipstick products that don't match

Be careful, you know about the lipstick that we now use. It could be that our lipstick makes black lips! Try to be more careful when choosing lipsticks, especially those that are too cheap, because they may contain ingredients that are not good for our lips. For those of us who have already bought cheap lipstick and made lips become blackened, try using primer lip or concealer before applying lipstick so that it doesn't make lips more black.

Another reason is because we use lipstick for too long without cleaning it properly. Try using makeup remover to make makeup, including the lip part really clean.

3. Sunlight

In addition to damaging the skin, sunlight also damages our lips, you know. This is because the skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on our body and face. Try looking for lip balm with SPF content. Apply to all lips and let stand for 30 minutes before we leave the house to absorb fully into our lips.

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