How to get rid of black dots on face?

Don't be surprised if the width of the black spots appears again.

How come ??

  • 1. Around the heat village,
  • 2. Mudik jammed on the hot road,
  • 3. Picnic on the hot beach,
  • 4. Cook in the kitchen all day long,
  • 5. Forgot to use cream morning and night because of busy life,

So is DrW dependent? If you don't use the right cream, the spots will appear again.

If you use it once and twice it can be clean forever, I honestly will definitely be the most famous doctor in the world. Because to this day doctors everywhere and no matter how powerful no one can be sure when spots will disappear and when it will not appear again. 😂😎 Because the treatment is routine, if the car is not cared for it can get dirty, the house gets messy, what else is human skin 😇😎

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