Is body soap good for the face?

Soap bar is not suitable for the face

Do you use the same soap to clean your body and face?

If yes, you don't understand that the face and body have different sensitivity, so that when you clean it you can't use the same soap.

Although face soap with  body soap‌  is basically the same, but of different significance.

Facial soap contains surfactants for skin that are lighter and softer than surfactants on body soap.

The many soap in the market that we call soap, is actually detergent, which is the material used is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

SLS serves as a surfactant (surface active agent) or cleaning agent.

Because it is cleanser, the fats that function to protect the skin also dissolve, so the skin becomes dry and will cause irritation.

Now make the face of danger of irritation on the skin of the face a daunting threat.

Commercial bath soap generally contains many chemicals such as petroleum, synthetic chemical, and petrochemicals (chemicals harmful) which can damage the skin and can be carcinogenic (trigger cancer).

Soap for the face contains a variety of oils made from animal fat. As for soap for health, there is Hypo-allergenic blend TCC (trichloro carbanilide) to cleanse fat and zits. Salicylic acid as a fungicide and sulfur to prevent and treat skin diseases.

If we often use  body soap‌  and soap for the face with the same soap, we must be careful, because the acidity produced by the soap varies according to its use in parts of your body. What distinguishes facial soap and  body soap‌  is its acidity, because pH on the skin of our face and skin is not the same.

Facial skin has a pH of 4.0-5.5 (slightly lower than the pH of the skin of the body).

So, from now on, please use a special cleanser for your face, Canti ...

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