How to strengthen nails? Home remedy

Incorrect treatment of nails needs to be known to prevent damage. Here are some actions that can damage nails:

  • Biting nails or cuticles. This habit can damage the nails because small wounds around the nails can increase the risk of bacteria or fungi entering and causing infection.
  • Biting or pulling the skin around the nail needs to be careful because it can injure the nail and cause infection.
  • Ignores problems that occur in the nails. Consult with a doctor when having problems with the nails that cannot heal on their own.
  • Using hard nail care products. Limit the use of nail polish remover like acetone. When you want to remove nail polish, choose a formula that is free of acetone.

To maintain nail health simple steps can be taken, such as:

  • Maintain clean nails and keep them dry. This can prevent bacterial growth under the nail from happening.
  • Continuous contact with water will cause the nails to split. It is recommended to use rubber gloves when washing dishes or using hard chemicals.
  • Maintain clean nails by using sharp nail clippers. Cut the nails in a straight position then gently cut the edge of the nail.
  • Using a moisturizer. If you are using eating lotions apply also lotion on the nail and cuticle.
  • Provides a protective layer on the nails. giving a layer to your nails can help strengthen your nails.

Consult with your doctor for recommendations for supplements that help strengthen nails.

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