What causes dark spots on face?

Is blush causing black spots on face

Human skin color is determined by one of them by pigment cells which are actually cells that protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight.

These pigment cells are found in the deepest layers of the epidermis and are then distributed to the outer layer of the epidermis so that a darker color will be seen if the pigment cells are produced in large quantities so that they experience uneven buildup or distribution.

The use of blush can be one of the causes of black spots on the face. Why? The blush we apply on the cheeks is like a dark shirt worn in broad daylight. The pigment contained in blush on has photosensitizer properties so it can absorb heat from the sun and cause black spots on the face.

But if the spots on the face have appeared, consult your doctor to get treatment that is in accordance with the diagnosis of skin disorders. Treatment that can be given by doctors from the use of creams, chemical peels, skin needling or using lasers or light-based therapy.

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