The illusion of makeup

Makeup is an art where you can create an illusion that can transform a face into several personalities.

By strategically makeup, you can improve or minimize the effect that some or all of the face may have on your overall appearance.

Although most women will not have lips like Angelina Jolie, some steps can be taken to improve the pout and give your lips a sexier look.

One of the tips that makeup artists will use is to apply less color to the center of the lower lip.

Some abstain from using any color and, in doing so, they can create the illusion that the lip is fuller at this point.

An alternative to this is to apply a shimmer to the middle of the lower lip, as this will give the same illusion as a lack of color in this area.

For the upper lip to appear thicker, a makeup pencil can usually do the trick, provided it is applied correctly.

To do this, draw a clear or white line just above the top edge of the lip in the center of the Cupid's front.

This creates the illusion of a fuller lip.

There are various products on the market that are advertised as lip plumper and although it is not possible for them to inflate the lips, they can help create the illusion that the lips are fuller and some of them they do a very good job.

These products are designed to reflect light when applied to the lips, giving the effect that the lips are fuller.

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