Sensitive skin

Although many people consider their skin to be sensitive, the actual percentage of people with sensitive skin is quite low.

There may be sensitivities in all skin types, but it is more common for fair-skinned people to be sensitive.

Sensitive skin burns more easily than other types of skin when exposed to the sun and the skin will also tend to flush easily.

Sensitive skin is often too dry.

Ingredients in skincare products can cause reactions in people with sensitive skin, so it is wise to try small samples of products before spending money on any purchase.

People with sensitive skin will not only react to the ingredients of facial care products but will also be sensitive to many other problems, such as food, alcohol and seasonal changes, pollen in the air being a problem. particular problem.

Rosacea is a common problem, as is the appearance of red capillaries on the surface of the skin and red spots like blisters that can appear on the face and more often in the upper part of the chest.

People with sensitive skin tend to blush more often than other skin types and this problem is usually compounded by the fact that people feel so uncomfortable blushing so easily.

People with sensitive skin should use very mild products because almost anything can cause a reaction.

The best products are those that contain the least ingredients, but make no mistake, because a product is natural because some natural skin care products can also be quite tough.

Environmental effects can be magnified and rapid changes in temperature can cause considerable damage to the skin.

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