With one skin, it was better to take care of it.

We all love having a radiant and healthy complexion, but we do many things every day that damage our skin.

This has been mentioned many times and will always be the curse of skincare specialists, but the biggest problem we all face is the damage that sun exposure can cause.

Although it is necessary to obtain some sunlight for optimal health, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, even the smallest, can cause lesions and age the skin.

Always apply SPF sunscreen on your skin when venturing outside unless you want to let your skin become wrinkled and damaged.

Another way to damage your skin, sometimes permanently, is to stain and burn with your fingers or other sharp objects.

One of the problems you have with picking is the fact that we offer many possibilities for transferring bacteria with the dirt under our fingers and even for the cleanest people.

Once you have chosen your face with your nails, the bacteria can be transferred directly into the pores of the skin and can cause more inflammation and permanent scarring.

Even using a needle that you have sterilized, you may cause more problems than good because you damage the pores and fix them to trap sebum and bacteria in the future.

If there are any problems with the material trapped on your skin, it is wise to have this product removed by a qualified professional to avoid irreparable damage.

Other major areas of health that will affect the condition of your skin are excessive stress, lack of nutrition and lack of sleep.

These will all affect your overall health and this will be shown in the condition of your skin.

Smoking is a way to make your skin very unhealthy and aged, which is only the second to overexposure to the sun.

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