The do-it-yourself guide for attic renovation

The do-it-yourself guide for attic renovation

Everyone has a dream house, but people can not help thinking that if they already have one, they want to keep it changed or changed. Change is beneficial because it will not only improve the appearance of your home, but will also strengthen it. If you are considering a home improvement attic, here are some things to check that might help you decide what to do and what not to do.

Renovation of the attic could be the solution for homeowners who want the house to have extra space that can be used as a room and use its functions. But we can not continue with the changes without looking at the project from every angle.

Space and supervision

These are essential elements of your attic modification plan. You must first know how much space will be available once the desired change has been made and if this space meets the requirements of your local codes.

The rafters should be used as a frame for your roof and not for the farms, because they would not leave you enough room to continue with what you have in mind. If the type of your attic is open, the roof must have spacers that are either crossed or knotted. It will also be very good to be used as an installation for ceiling fans for extra ventilation.


You must also refer to local building codes for the required number of exits, windows and entrances to the attic are allowed. In most cases, an outside exit is sufficient, but the room must have enough air through the windows and adequate lighting.

The headroom

This is the first step to take into account when you decide to turn your attic into a functional room. Make sure people are able to stand up and move freely in space, otherwise it would be uncomfortable, dangerous and not suitable for everyone. Once again, building codes have a reference in this area and you have to comply with them.

General aspect

If you decide to renovate the attic, consider each part of the house. Decide according to the impact of the change on each. You should let a professional see your home to make sure you can continue the project. One should always think about safety before continuing with any plan.

So before you can change the attic, you must first strengthen the foundation. See if the first floor has cracks or leaks that can contribute to the strength of the construction. See if it is safe to add electrical elements from the ground floor to the attic and study the safest way to do so.

Anything that can contribute to the success of the plan must be examined. You can even ask the help of building inspectors to find out exactly what you are doing. In the end, you will enjoy all these benefits because your money will not be wasted and you will have an extra space fully functional in the house.

The most important thing to remember when you want to renovate a home-made attic is to do a research on everything you need to know before you even develop a plan.

Read design books, browse local security and insurance code requirements, and search for practical ideas on the web.

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