Hardwood Floor Installation Tips

Hardwood Floor Installation Tips

Most of us think that since hardwood floors are a sensitive and expensive material, we should always call in professionals to install them.

So, it's comforting to know that with the right tools and the right hardwood, it's a self-made effort. And because prefinished hardwood floorboards are already available everywhere in hardware stores and instruction manuals, you will not have to worry about anything.

How do you install a hardwood floor? First, decide if you want to use oak, maple, cherry or hardy ash. Oak is the most expensive type of hardwood, but is reputed to be the best and most robust. If you work with a particular budget, maple or rustic ashes are also acceptable and will last as long as oak, with proper care and maintenance.

Next, prepare the following materials: hardwood planks, vapor barrier paper, lever, hammer, fast drill and drills, an air floor pack (consisting of a nail gun, staples, a mallet, a hose and an air compressor), a staple gun, a tape measure, a chalk line and, of course, your user manual.

It would be wise to study the manual before attempting to waste time. Some hardware stores already have pre-packaged hardwood installation requirements, so you do not have to look for each piece. Of course, you should not forget about your goggles and gloves, as all holes and hammers can produce wood dust and can be harmful if inhaled.

Before you buy floorboards, measure the surface on which you will install them. Order larger boards of about 10 to 15 inches to make room for mistakes. Expect your initial attempt to be very difficult, but once the first board is in place, the rest should be child's play.

Eliminate squeaks by nailing the hardwood plank firmly into the subfloor. When cutting, always allow extra space. When working with hardwood floors, it is best to make the necessary adjustments rather than leaving a space that seems difficult to fill.

If you have a prefinished hardwood floor, the work is done after you have installed the boards in place. But if you bought wood in its purest form, you must also pre-equip sanding and finishing tools and prepare yourself for another difficult task.

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