Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Signifying the art of living in harmony, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are respectively rooted in the ancient wisdom and philosophy of China and India. In accordance with the principles of life and ancient wisdom, these two prehistoric streams of thought believe in creating a positive, harmonious flow of energy for living spaces.

With the advent of global architecture, the science of Feng Shui (pronounced as Fung Shway) is not limited to China; the road traveled to be recognized as a relevant science in today's way of life. This applies to offices, homes, businesses and other housing. Based on the principles of balancing energies related to nature and the environment, Feng Shui attempts to create a positive flow of force that impacts your main areas of life. To understand practically the importance of Feng Shui, it is of utmost importance to sound a home or business.

In a home, the kitchen and the bedroom are the most important characteristics of a home; the Chinese even attribute the cook as a source of health and prosperity. The birth number, called Kua in Chinese, helps to individually determine the best directions, even for your kitchen!

Tips on cooking

Feng Shui thinks that a bad direction of the kitchen can be a source of misfortune for a family. In addition, the kitchen should not be directly under the toilet or adjacent to them. He believes that the kitchen should not be in the center and that the cooking gas or stove should not be placed on the same floor as the sink.

Water and fire are opposite forms of energy and, as water can extinguish fire, to avoid friction, they must be separated. The refrigerator is also considered an element of water and must be removed from the stove. The best would be a triangle formed by the cooking gas, the stove and the refrigerator.

During cooking, the cook should not have his back turned towards the door to avoid any sensation of surprise during cooking. Reflective mirrors can be a solution where all other factors are valid.

Lights suspended on kitchen gas are thought to be disastrous. This can lead to a financial crisis. To cancel the effects, you can hang bamboo flutes at a 45-degree angle.

Green is a kitchen color and uncluttered kitchen attracts Chi (positive energy), it is advisable to discard unused items (unused items after one and a half years).

Tips on the room

A bedroom door must open completely as it symbolizes opportunities and fortune. In Feng Shui, doors of bedrooms opening less than 90 * can mean a reduced energy flow and opportunities.

At the entrance, it is advisable to place something nice: your artwork, vase and sculpture or a family photo. It's a greeting.

For optimal functionality, there should be a space-free area: closets, mirrors and storage furniture. Symbolically, clutter means that there are things that are not done in your life. The organization really feels empowered and gives a feeling of neat space and serenity to any room, especially the bedroom. Rest rooms should be calm and not very chaotic.

The best direction of sleep would be the one that helps you to face the door. When you stand up, your feet should be directed to the door to help you feel in order and in control.

A mirror in front of the door where a wall is located will help to circulate the energy. The bright lights above the bed are a big "no".

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