Choose the vacuum cleaner

Choose the vacuum cleaner

The main criteria for choosing a vacuum cleaner is the area to be cleaned compared to the power of the vacuum cleaner. Almost all vacuum cleaners offer 3 choices of tools for floor surfaces

  • 1. A hard plastic brush for bare floor about 10 "to 12" wide with soft bristles.

  • 2. The turbo brush has a rotating drum roll with harder bristles.

  • 3. A turbo-like powerhead brush although powered by a separate engine.

The turbo brush and powered brush vacuum cleaners are both equipped with a drum roller whose bristles resemble those of a vertical vacuum cleaner. Although the brushes look and function almost identical, the motorized brush vacuum cleaner has a smaller separate motor that rotates the brush below it, making it more powerful and more aggressive than the turbo-type brush turned by the airflow being pulled through it.

These types of brushes break the carpet fibers and allow air to penetrate under the dirt particles. If you can not get air to pass under these particles, you will not be able to suck them, whatever the suction power that you can apply with a vacuum cleaner.

When you buy a turbo or electric vacuum to be used primarily on carpet surfaces, you also get a bare floor brush, ideal for spaces without carpet.

The general rule regarding the vacuum cleaner model to choose is:

  • 1. The models of bare floor vacuum cleaners are ideal for smooth surfaces with no carpet or carpet waiting. The best choices for bare floor vacuum cleaners include Eureka Oxygen 6992 and the Miele Solaris can.

  • 2. Turbo vacuums are the best for compact rugs and low-pile carpets. The best choices here are the EIO family vacuum cleaners, the Miele Solaris and the Sebo Turbo vacuum cleaner.

  • 3. The types of motorized brush vacuum cleaners are great for wall-to-wall carpeting and are very important if you are dealing with pet hair. The best choices here include the Sebo Canister 3.1, the Miele Silver Moon and the Eureka Oxygen 6996.

Reliability, purchase price, HEPA filter and sealed unit, cost of replacing filters and bags, weight, storage and quality of tools, control locations, noise, adjustable spear , retractable cord, ease of spare parts, bag change indicator, filter change indicator, swivel hose and other extra features such as dust alerts

Almost all garbage bins are similar in size, offer a similar cleaning radius and come with the same accessories.

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