What is a bad smell in the hole of the earrings?

Sometimes unpleasant odors emerge from pierced holes that earrings may not have been installed for a long time. But the odor still appears even though we clean every day when taking a shower. An unpleasant aroma causes us not confident when getting close to other people for fear that the smell will smell. Here are some of the causes of odor in the earring you need to know....
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Do not forget to protect your eyes

Summer is time for sunglasses and eye protection, is not it? In fact, sunglasses and goggles can be just as important during the winter months. This is especially true if you live in a cold climate. Snow on the ground can reflect sunlight and cause sunburn, glare and eye damage. In fact, up to 85% of ultraviolet rays can be reflected by snow and in the eyes....
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How to protect your hands this winter

Your hands are used almost every second of the day. You use them to work, play and show your affection. They are important. During the winter months, your hands can become dry, chapped and raw. Dry, cold air, exposure to humidity, and other harsh conditions really kill people. The following tips and ideas can help protect your hands this winter....
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