When was the first bikini made? A two piece swimsuit history

The bikini was invented in Paris by Louis Reard and Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946. However, because of its thinness, no one had the courage to wear a bikini until the late 50s, when the actress Brigitte Bardot caused a sensation by wearing a bikini to the movie And God created the woman The bikini revolution eventually became a rage and even received its own song: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini....
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Have a fabulous time under the sun in MiMorena swimwear!

Diving in the waters is fun, especially on hot summer days. Of course, if you plan to go on vacation to an exotic island (or at least in a place where this kind of theme is topical), it becomes even more exciting and what better way to have fun than to post your goodies with all the other lean bodies? Well, maybe for the perfect numbers, but not for the plus size girls ... think again....
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